10 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in New York I Love

Coffee isn’t a drink for me. It’s a way of life! The simplest of all luxuries is a well crafted latte, and, call me biased, but the best place to experience this luxury is no where other than New York City. Every time I leave New York, the only thing I miss is the taste of a warm latte on a sunny morning, giving me the energy I need to face the city.

I don’t know what it is, but coffee just tastes better in New York. Here are my absolute favorite spots to go for the NY coffee experience:

Intelligentsia Coffee NYC, Specialty Coffee Shops in New York
1. Intelligentsia – Intelligentsia is a coffee shop inside an old and classically New York hotel. This is my favorite place to go for coffee because it’s such an old-world experience! With vintage furniture and a typewriter on the table, the experience is divine.

180 10th Ave, New York

Intelligentsia Coffee NYC, Specialty Coffee Shops in New York

2. La Colombe – I love the neighborhood that La Colombe is in. It’s the perfect place to grab some coffee before taking in the beautiful neighborhood of Nolita.

270 Lafayette St, New York

3. Happy Bones – Happy Bones is another favorite of mine which is in downtown Manhattan. The space is very minimal chic, and only a few tables line the wall. I like to head here first thing in the morning, because this place can easily get a line out the door!

394 Broome St, New York

Happy Bones Coffee New York, Specialty Coffee Shops in New York, Third Wave Coffee NYC

4. Toby’s Estate – With locations all over the city, Toby’s Estate is a New York classic, but my favorite location is the one in Williamsburg, where the ultra cool kids hang out!

125 N 6th St, Brooklyn

5. Fika – You wouldn’t guess it but the Swedes know their coffee. Fika is the Scandinavian coffee shop in New York. The Tribeca location is my favorite to visit for its minimal decor and delicious treats.

450 Washington St, New York

Fika Coffee in New York, Specialty Coffee Shops in NYC

6. Two Hands Cafe – This bright Australian cafe is an Instagram favorite for Aussie-style coffee and yummy brunch options.

164 Mott St, New York

7. Ground Support – Ground Support is the perfect place for a coffee break after taking in the beauty and fun of West Broadway in Soho.

399 W Broadway, New York

8. City of Saints – I came to this coffee shop by chance since it’s near a friend’s apartment and it’s adorable!

79 E 10th St, New York

City of Saints Coffee in NYC, Specialty Coffee Shops in New York

9. Stumptown – This industrial-chic NY coffeehouse is in the heart of Greenwich Village!

30 West 8th St, New York

10. Third Rail – Your best option for casual coffee in the East Village!

159 2nd Ave

Honorable Mentions: Blue Bottle, Think Coffee & Joe Coffee – These are some coffee chains that will give you a reliable coffee, but aren’t my go-to spots!

Hope you enjoyed this list of the best specialty coffee shops in New York!

Did I miss any of your favorites?

Best Artisanal Coffee Shops in New York, Specialty Coffee Shops in New YorkBest Specialty Coffee Shops in New York, Third Wave NYC Coffee

January 21, 2018

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