{parisian cafés} Les Têtes Brûlées

There’s a lovely café just around the corner from my new Parisian apartment and it’s called Les Têtes Brûlées, which means “The Hot Heads”! Out front you can find beautiful pastel colored tables – blue, green, purple, pink – aligned in typical Parisian fashion. I had a working breakfast at one of the pink ones … Read more

Gallery Hopping in Paris

The month of October is quite possibly the best time to visit Paris for so many reasons. For one, the temperatures have cooled and the tourists have gone back home. Paris’ prestigious contemporary art fair FIAC takes place, meaning the Parisian art dealers exhibit their best artists’ work to appeal to the influx of international … Read more

Le Restaurant Derrière

Derrière is a restaurant I discovered this summer by walking by it. It’s somewhat hidden on a beautiful side street in the chic Marais district. Once you find the doors, walk through the courtyard and you’ll find the entrance straight ahead. I had lunch here the other day and arrived right at the opening at … Read more

10 Things to Do During Autumn in Paris

In between the madness that was FIAC, I did have a few rare moments of calm in the beautiful city of Paris — mainly to eat, take a coffee, and travel between the fairs. Nevertheless, Paris is a wonderful city to visit for work (or play!), and I found many so new restaurants to enjoy … Read more

Vintage Photography at La Maison Rouge

As I left OFFICIELLE for the evening, I decided to walk a bit in Paris before hailing a cab. It had rained apparently, and the streets were still wet, beautifully reflecting the building lights on the ground. As I walked north, I happened to stumble upon La Maison Rouge, and of course recognized it from … Read more

5 Contemporary Art Fairs in Paris in October | FIAC & More

Paris has long served as an epicenter of fine art. Each fall, collectors from around the world descend on the city of light to attend FIAC, the country’s most prestigious art fair. FIAC stands for Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (International Fair of Contemporary Art) and was founded in 1974. I arrived to Paris on Tuesday … Read more

Paris in the Summer in 18 Photos

Balcony overlooking the Marais district

Today I’m sharing a small photo diary documenting three days in the most beautiful city in the world… I believe you can never experience Paris the same way twice. Ever since I first stepped into France at the age of sixteen, I’ve always had a different experience of the city each time I visit. This … Read more