What to Do on Sunday in Paris

What to do Sunday in Paris_IMG_0416

Paris is the capital of France. Just the mention of the city can make your heart swoon! The city lures millions of international visitors each year with its world-class museums, fascinating bookstores, mouth-watering cuisine, and jaw-dropping architecture. However, despite the city’s many attractions, Sunday is still considered a “day of rest” in historically Catholic France. … Read more

7 Most Famous Streets in Paris

Rue Cler, Paris

Aside from the famous Paris attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, you’ll want to explore some of the city’s most picturesque streets. Today I’ll share some of the most famous streets, avenues, and boulevards in the French capital to help you learn about the streets that made Paris what it is! Iconic … Read more

Bastille Neighborhood Guide Paris

Le Trousseau Bastille Neighborhood Guide Paris France

Welcome to Bastille, the neighborhood that’s full of amazing boutique designer shops and hipster restaurants. This is the place to come if you’re looking for something unique, and you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. There are plenty of hidden gems in this eastern Parisian neighborhood, so take your time exploring every corner! … Read more

23 Best Pastry Shops (Pâtisseries) in Paris You Must Try

Best Pastry Shops Paris_IMG_7515

Paris has a plethora of interesting things to do, see, and eat. From the architecture to the performing arts, the French capital city has a lot to offer. But to get the complete Parisian experience, one must not skip on the French capital’s delectable pastries from a local boulangerie or pastry shop. Pastry-making is something … Read more

15 Best Boulangeries in Paris

Best Boulangeries Paris France

In Paris, France, boulangeries (or bread bakeries) are famous for their expertise in the art of making bread. You can certainly find these establishments in almost every nook and cranny in the streets of Paris. They offer a wide variety of bread selections, not just the worldwide renowned baguette. The way of making the ever … Read more

7 Unexpected Benefits of Visiting Paris in Winter

Benefits of Visiting Paris in Winter

Paris is stunningly beautiful throughout the whole year. Yet, most tourists prefer to visit the city of love during the summertime because they are under the impression that Paris has the most to offer that time of the year. However, Paris positively has to offer a lot if you were to decide to visit the … Read more

Maison Nicolas Flamel – the oldest house in Paris

Maison Nicolas Flamel, oldest house in Paris

The Maison Nicolas Flamel is widely considered to be the oldest house in Paris. It is located at 51 rue de Montmorency in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, in the Le Marais district, and belonged to wealthy Parisian Nicolas Flamel. This medieval residence dates back to 1397 when construction began after the death of Nicolas … Read more

How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Paris on a Budget_IMG_7976

Paris is an incredible city known for its historic architecture, cobblestone streets, breathtaking attractions, savory dishes, and more. However, the opulent palace hotels and luxury goods can easily scare off wallets. Did you know that you can explore the magical city of light without breaking the bank? Here is a simple guide on how to … Read more

15 Best Cocktail Bars in Paris

Best Cocktail Bars in Paris France

Are you looking for the best cocktail bars in Paris? If you’re traveling with your best friends in the beautiful City of Light, it’s only reasonable to look for magnificent bars for a glamorous cocktail party. Even if you’re traveling solo, Paris has several unique places that will keep you company for a lively night … Read more

How to Experience Paris Like a Local

Hotel de Bretonvilliers, Paris, France

To experience Paris like a local, we recommend that you stroll around the streets, observing the sights and straying away from the beaten track, entering into the typical life of the city by talking to the locals in French. Eat at boulangeries and shop at small local shops and farmer’s markets. If you visit Paris, … Read more

13 Best Views in Paris

View of the Notre Dame and the Panthéon from the Tour Saint Jacques Paris

Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower. Travel by twos or in small groups in this safe megacity to explore the monuments and also the rooftop dine and wine delights which are all over! Saint-Jacques Tower The Saint-Jacques Tower is the only part that is surviving out of a 16th century church that got destroyed … Read more