10 Best Things to Do in Madrid

Centrally located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain’s bustling capital of Madrid is a tourist-friendly city of elegant boulevards and striking architecture and home to over four million Madrileños.  World-renowned for its great cultural and artistic heritage, you can find things to do in Madrid to suit whatever mood you’re in, day or night. From its … Read more

3 Places to Go for the BEST Views in Madrid!

Madrid is one of the beautiful cities in Spain and if you know where to go, you can find some stellar rooftop views! I’ve visited on three separate occasions and here is where I go to see far and wide in Madrid. Best Views in Madrid 1. El Cortes Ingles My personal favorite view of … Read more

7 Best Specialty Coffee Shops in Madrid

Those in search of third-wave coffee in Madrid won’t be disappointed. While Spain’s capital doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of specialty cafés the way cities like New York do, there’s certainly enough to fill your week up! Take a look at the seven best cafés in Madrid that I love visiting when I’m in town… … Read more

Madrid in the Winter

Sometime in 2016, I completely fell in love with the capital of Spain – Madrid. After a less than stellar experience in Barcelona, Madrid felt amazing to me. Personally I think Madrid is kind of like the New York of Spain while Barcelona is more LA or Miami style. Madrid is classy, elegant and is … Read more

Hotels | H10 Villa de la Reina, Madrid

I’m the first to admit I love booking hotels based on their interiors. After all, if you’re going to spend your mornings and evenings there, you want it to look good. The brightly colored pictures online didn’t disappoint when I arrived to the H10 Villa de la Reina in central Madrid. This lovely classic hotel … Read more

Galería Javier Lopez & Fer Frances

After getting more than lost in the Cercanías Madrid underground train system the day I arrived to Madrid, I was pretty nervous to go back into public transportation. But after a quick trip on the (much easier) metro, and a walk through a nice residential neighborhood, I’m so glad I did! Just 20 minutes outside … Read more

A Change in Plans: Returning to Madrid

The internet isn’t nearly short of blogs and Instagram accounts that glamorize solo travel. I have to admit, for the first couple months, it’s a blast. I get a rush of energy when I arrive in a new city. Everything I see is fresh, and there’s endless experiences to discover. But I’d be lying if … Read more

The 3 Best Art Museums in Madrid

Coming to Madrid during the height of summer in mid-July makes it easy to understand why the Spanish siesta exists. The first time I actually understood someone speaking Spanish was inside a bodega in Justicia where a man walked in and said “Que calor!” which could only mean, “What heat!” So, what’s a girl to … Read more

The Colors of Madrid in 28 Photos

It’s funny how some cities have certain colors that define them. For Madrid, orange and yellow are those colors. You can see them absolutely everywhere! I snapped a photo each time I saw a beautiful street sign or building façade that caught my eye. During my week-long stay in the Spanish capital, this happened a … Read more

El Retiro Park – 3 Spots to See

On a sunny Friday, I decided to check out El Retiro park (the Spanish version of Central Park), on my way to El Prado (the Met Museum of Madrid) since they are so close to each other. The park once belonged to the royal family of Spain, and then it was handed over to the … Read more

12 Things I Did My First Time in Madrid!

For me, Madrid is one of those cities where there is just an endless amount of places to see and visit. If you’re interested in art like I am, then you’ll surely have yourself a Spanish bucket list much longer than you can manage. As the third largest city in Europe, Madrid is an expansive, … Read more