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12 Things I Learned While Traveling Europe for 3 Months

Working remotely has its perks – and nonstop travel is one of them! I spent the majority of a…

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7 Small Towns in Europe I’ll Never Forget

There’s something about a charming small town that makes me smile. They’re easy to navigate, the people are…

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Dreaming of Living in Europe

Why I Want to Move to Europe

Confession: I want to move to Europe. I feel quite guilty for saying that because I know how…

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Looking for a Home in the World

I’m searching for a place to live. I love traveling but at some point, I want to stay…

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5 to 7 Film | A French Affair in New York

If there’s one kind of film I’ll always say yes to, it’s a love story between an American…

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The Flight From Hell: My 12 Hour Overnight American Air Delay

Miami traffic never ceases to amaze me. One minute you’re cruising down the highway, the palm trees swaying…

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12 Reasons Why I Always Prefer to Travel By Train

Airlines love to lure customers by offering cheap fares. 7 euros here, 20 euros there. I never fall…

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Spain & Portugal : My 6 Week Itinerary

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’m heading to Spain and Portugal this fall, for a…

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Thoughts on Leaving Europe After 3 Months

I’m sitting at the Madrid airport on a layover, waiting to board my plane home to New York….

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8 Major Differences Between Life in France & New York

Spending two months in France has been so incredibly fulfilling for me. I still can’t believe I can…

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How to Survive the French Train Strikes

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of celebrating the beginning of the French Revolution, I have a quintessentially French…

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A One-Way Ticket To France

There is a certain thrill to buying a one-way ticket to a foreign country. Your itinerary is flexible…

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