SIP Coffee Bordeaux, France

7 Best Cafés & Specialty Coffee Shops in Bordeaux

You probably know Bordeaux for its world famous wines, but the south western French city is quickly attracting…

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Wine at Chez Fred Bordeaux

10 Best Things to Do in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a magical, historic city in the south west region of France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, not far from the…

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Place De La Bourse Bordeaux

10 Things You May Not Know About Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

Place de la Bourse is one of the most impressive architectural sights you can see in Bordeaux. It…

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Porte Cailhau Bordeaux

5 Things You May Not Know About Porte Cailhau in Bordeaux

Porte Cailhau (the Cailhau door, in English) is a magnificent historical entryway to Bordeaux not far from the…

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