The Hague Travel Guide

The Hague Travel Guide


After my three hour bus ride from Brussels through Antwerp and the Benelux country side, I arrived at the ultra modern Den Haag Centraal train station. The building itself looks incredibly futuristic, with impossibly tall stark white poles framing clear glass walls. It was the first week of July, but the weather was quite mild – mid 60s, grey skies and a cool breeze. I guess this shouldn’t have come as a shock, as the country is so far north.

Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands

Ironically, I had forgotten the one thick sweater I’d been lugging around France in my apartment in Nice, right before the one week were I actually would have needed it! Truthfully, I didn’t mind the cooler temperatures, perhaps because I had spent the past month in the the extreme heat of Provence, where walking for 10 minutes leaves you scorched!

I walked to my apartment, dropped my bags, and headed out to explore The Hague. Isn’t it funny how certain colors can come to define a culture? For the Netherlands, that color is burgundy. It seems to be everywhere you turn – whether paired with white-framed windows, or lining a brick-paved bicycle lane.

The Hague

Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands
Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands
Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands
Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands
Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands
Exploring The Hague, The Netherlands

Something even more ubiquitous with the Netherlands than burgundy is the bicycle, of course. I noticed immediately upon arriving to the Netherlands just how bicycle-centric this country really is! Bikes are everywhere. There is a burgundy-painted section of the sidewalk on most streets created specifically for them. They even have entire multi-level bike-lots devoted to parking them! It took a bit of adjustment for me to get used to watching for speeding bikes and cars when crossing the street (although in NYC it’s not like we have shortage of them!), but in The Hague, it just felt 10 times more prevalent.

Bicycles leaning against a wall in The Hague, The Netherlands

8 Places to See in The Hague

Here’s a few ideas for what to see and do in The Hague:

1. Hometown Coffee

Buitenhof 4, 2513 AG Den Haag

Hometown Coffee, The Hague
Hometown Coffee, The Hague

2. Noordeinde Palace

Noordeinde 68, 2514 GL, Den Haag

Noordeinde Palace, The Hague
Noordeinde Palace, The Hague
Noordeinde Palace, The Hague

3. Paleistuin Garden

Prinsessewal, 2514, Den Haag

Paleistuin Garden, The Hague
Paleistuin Garden, The Hague
Paleistuin Garden, The Hague

4. Hofkapel

Binnenhof 22, 2513 AA, Den Haag

Hofkapel, The Hague
Hofkapel, The Hague

5. Peace Palace

Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ, Den Haag

Peace Palace, The Hague

6. Collectiv

11, Prinsestraat 3, 2513 CA, Den Haag

Collectiv, The Hague

7. The Fine Store

Piet Heinstraat 64, 2518 CJ, Den Haag

The Fine Store, The Hague

8. Zebraklok

Bezuidenhoutseweg, 2594 AC, Den Haag

Zebraklok, The Hague

Recommendations for The Hague

Attractions & Museums

Galerij Prins Willem VBuitenhof 33
Museum Beelden aan ZeeHarteveltstraat 1
GemeentemuseumStadhouderslaan 41
Madurodam ParkGeorge Maduroplein 1

Hotels, Cafés & Restaurants

Hotel Des IndesLange Voorhout 54-56
Jamey BennettPlaats 11
Barbarossa BeachZwarte Pad 61
Lola Bikes & CoffeeNoordeinde 91

Know Before You Go

Quick money tip: I learned the hard way that a lot of supermarkets and retailers don’t accept Visa or MasterCard in The Netherlands. They only take something called Maestro. So be sure to carry cash (euros) if you visit the country. No problem withdrawing cash from the ATMs, at least.

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