Travel Templates

The Complete Guide to Booking an Airbnb You’ll LOVE!

Booking an Airbnb may seem straightforward, but as someone who has stayed in over 20 Airbnb rentals for…

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Train Travel

12 Reasons Why I Always Prefer to Travel By Train

Airlines love to lure customers by offering cheap fares. 7 euros here, 20 euros there. I never fall…

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My Top 5 Travel Tools!

My Top 5 Travel Planning Tools

After planning a month-long trip through 9 cities in Europe two years ago, followed by a 5-country trip…

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Flying XL Airways : My Experience!

How to Have a Good Flight to Paris on XL Airways

When I pressed Confirm Booking on my one-way flight to Paris this past spring, I have to say…

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Survive French Train Strikes

How to Survive the French Train Strikes

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of celebrating the beginning of the French Revolution, I have a quintessentially French…

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How to Get Global Entry in Three Weeks

How to Get Global Entry in Three Weeks

After discovering the program in the last few months, I finally decided to apply for Global Entry, the…

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