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8 Charming Small Towns in France I’ll Never Forget

There’s something about a small town that I just love. You don’t feel overwhelmed, the streets are smaller,…

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7 Shockingly Affordable European Travel Destinations

While Europe isn’t known for being cheap (looking at you Paris & London!), don’t think the entire continent…

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10 Must-Visit Cities in Spain!

10 Must-Visit Cities in Spain

Heading to Europe and looking for the must-visit cities in Spain? Spain is one of the most culturally…

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The 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Are you traveling to Europe and wondering where the best places to visit in Spain are? Spain is…

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8 Must-Visit Cities in France

France is probably my favorite country in the world (after the US, of course!) and I’ve traveled it…

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10 Gorgeous Cities You Must Visit in the South of France

In my opinion, there’s no region more beautiful than the South of France region, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Comprised of…

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