Cucurucho Roma Mexico City Coffee_20170130_IMG_7262

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Mexico City

I may not speak Spanish but I do speak coffee. Yes it’s perhaps embarrassing that the first thing…

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Brunch at Dulce de Leche Valencia

Dulce De Leche | Valencia

I discovered this lovely bakery and sandwich shop around the corner from my apartment in Valencia. Dulce De…

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Smith Canteen Brooklyn

{new york coffee} Smith Canteen | Brooklyn

I was super excited to visit Smith Canteen and drink the amazing New York coffee I had so…

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Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid

Chocolate con Churros at the Chocolatería San Ginés | Madrid

What’s more Madrid than eating chocolate con churros at one of the city’s most famous cafés? Chocolatería San…

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Hopper Cafe, Rotterdam

{bonne adresse} Hopper Coffee | Rotterdam

Before exploring the architectural wonders of Rotterdam, I stopped off for coffee at a local café called Hopper….

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Pistache Cafe, The Hague

{bonne adresse} Pistache Café

As much as I love researching where to go before I visit a city, some of my best…

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La Popote D'Ondine, Nice

La Popote D’Ondine | Nice

Before heading to the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in Nice, I stopped off at this wonderful…

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Choopy's, Antibes

{bonne adresse} Choopy’s

This charming little cupcake shop nestled on a quiet street in old town Antibes is a great place…

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Antibes, Cafe Clemenceau

{french cafés} Café Clemenceau

Café Clemenceau was one of the first cafés I visited in old town Antibes… It caught my eye…

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Le Garde Manger, Aix-en-Provence, France

{bonne adresse} Le Garde Manger

I absolutely loved discovering Le Garde Manger, a new café in the heart of Aix-en-Provence. After spending two…

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The Perfect Banana Shake at MilkShop Avignon

MilkShop is a lovely place to relax during the hot summer days in Avignon. Serving light snacks and…

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Miremont Biarritz_20160601-DSC_0756

{bonne adresse} Café Miremont

Founded in 1872, Café Miremont is one of the oldest patisseries in Biarritz. During its heyday, it was…

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