Snowy Morning in Madison Square Park

After the the messy piles of slush finally melted (thanks Blizzard Jonas), it seems we only had a few days of dry streets before another snowfall arrived in New York on Friday morning. Thankfully, this one was the kind dreams are made of: gently falling snowflakes and crisp windless air. About an inch of snow evenly covered the curved, black iron gate that surrounds the central fountain in Madison Square Park. The gray sky was still so foggy, you could barely see the majestic Empire State Building which normally stands crystal clear behind the park trees. Each day, I walk through park on my way to work, so I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of the winter white wonderland…

Snow in Madison Square Park

Snow in Madison Square Park

Snow in Madison Square Park

To compare, here’s a snap from Blizzard Jonas, which shut down the city temporarily:

Blizzard Jonas NYC Madison Square Park

Looks like winter is here to stay for now. It seems like just yesterday I was walking through Miami Beach in 80+ degree weather, on my way to the many art fairs that take over the city at the end of December… Summer can’t come soon enough!

February 08, 2016

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