Schauwerk Sindelfingen | A German Private Art Collection

It was nearly 2pm on my second day in Stuttgart, so I was ready to head over to the Schauwerk Sindelfingen. This is where things got rough. As I made my way back to the bus station, I realized that the bus I needed to take only ran once every hour and the next bus was 14:46. This was problematic because the Shauwerk was only open if you arrived at precisely 3pm for the tour. Luckily, there was a pizza shop nearby, and the man working was able to call a taxi for me. I cringed when he told me it would cost me 35 euros for the 20 minute drive. But, I had no choice, so I accepted. 15 minutes later, the cab arrived. Before stepping in, I was able to negotiate down to 30 euros, but any less he wouldn’t budge, so I obliged.

It was a quick and beautiful drive through the German countryside, and as I was dropped off in front of the Schauwerk, I was forced to pay in cash for the trip. So typical of Europe!

Inside the Schauwerk Sindelfingen

The Schauwerk building is minimal in design, as are many of the art collection buildings in this area – and colored ice blue. The tours were typically in German, but the tour guide kindly agreed to speak in English for me.

Shauwerk Sindelfingen Building

Shauwerk Sindelfingen Entrance

We began our tour through the exhibition “I Like America, and America Likes Me” an ironic title for an exhibition which simultaneously celebrated and criticized the United States.

America Exhibition, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

America, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

America Exhibition, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

America Exhibition, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

This was followed by the Venus Falle exhibition, dedicated to the general depiction of females in art…

Venus Falle

Venus Falle, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

Venus Falle, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

Venus Falle, Schauwerk Sindelfingen

It was wonderful to explore the areas outside of Stuttgart and was happy to find it was totally accessible via public transportation (with proper planning). Go Germany!

Plan Your Visit to Schauwerk Sindelfingen

Schauwerk Sindelfingen
Eschenbrünnlestraße 15/1, 71065
Sindelfingen, Germany

October 28, 2015

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