Schaulager: A Museum in a Warehouse

Maja Oeri founded the Schaulager with an interesting concept in mind. Realizing that most art is typically hidden away in storage, waiting to be exhibited, Oeri decided to create a hybrid museum and storage space – allowing her collection to be viewed and stored at the same time. She aptly called the facility Schaulager, which comes from the German words schau, meaning “show” and lager, meaning “warehouse.”

Schaulager opened in 2003, under the support of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation which Oeri founded to honor the art collection of her late husband. She had commissioned Herzog & de Meuron to oversee the architectural design of the building, whose massive façade is striking against its barren surroundings. Inside, its open-air lobby allows visitors to see five levels up.

Schaulager Visit

Take a peek at some of the works I saw during my visit…


An oversized work by Katharina Fritsch:

Schaulager Katharina Fritsch


Plan your visit to the Schaulager

The Schaulager is definitely one of the more unique collections I’ve ever seen, and for that reason I thoroughly recommend a visit. Although it is considerably south of the city center, the trip on Basel’s super-efficient tram is well worth it. Be sure to inquire about the various public art works installed around the city by the foundation.

Ruchfeldstrasse 12, 4142
Münchenstein, Switzerland

June 30, 2015

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