Rue de Furstemberg or Place de Furstenberg?

It’s one of the most beautiful plazas in Paris – and there appears to be some confusion over its name. There are endless websites and references to a Place de Furstenberg, however, you may be surprised to learn that officially this plaza does not exist.

This somewhat famous square has two trees in the center of a small roundabout on a quiet street in Paris. The name is officially Rue de Furstemberg, according to the city of Paris.

It was named after the German cardinal Guillaume-Egon de Fürstenberg in 1697. This is why there is some confusion around the spelling of the name – the English speaking world has chosen the German spelling (Furstenberg), while those in France chose the French spelling (Furstemberg). There is no official plaza on the street, it is simply a rue !

If you find yourself in Saint Germain, then be sure to visit:

Rue De Furstemberg, Paris 6th

Rue De Furstemberg, Paris 6th
Rue De Furstemberg, Paris 6th

Rue de Furstemberg
75006 Paris, France

December 22, 2018

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