Go Back in Time through Passage Verdeau

One of the famous Parisian hallways, Passage Verdeau is like an indoor mall from the 19th century! It was built in 1857 and features numerous old-timer shops selling antiques, vintage items and old books. Natural light streams in from the glass ceilings as visitors take a stroll through the past…

Passage Verdeau

Passage Verdeau

Passage Verdeau

Passage Verdeau

Passage Verdeau

6 Rue de la Grange Batelière
75009 Paris, France

November 12, 2015
I’m an American photographer and writer based in Paris after living in New York for 7 years and then and spending a year and a half traveling. My work has been featured by the Paris and Nice Tourism Offices, Art Basel, and Refinery 29. Culture Passport is a place to share my travels and experiences in new places, with a focus on cultural attractions.

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[…] Winter is the perfect time to explore Paris’ famous covered passageways. These indoor pedestrian shopping passages were first created in the first half of the 19th century. Though only a fraction of the original passages remain today, they are considered a quintessential part of the Parisian landscape. Because they are sheltered from from harsh winter winds, this is the perfect Parisian winter activity! I recommend starting at Galerie Colbert, and working your way north to Passage Verdeau. […]


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