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Hello Germany!

I’ve recently checked in to the lovely city of Stuttgart – one of the major metropolises in the south western region of Germany. My train traveled through the northern part of the Black Forest in order to reach the city, which has a lovely mix of charming old German buildings and modernized glass structures.

Visiting Stuttgart was a totally new experience for me. My friends thought I was crazy for going there during my week-long vacation, but I had never been to the southern part of Germany before and had to make it to Milan from Paris for business within seven days. I didn’t want to fly due to the hassle. So after deciding against passing through the south of France (not this time of year) and Switzerland (expensive and probably better for skiing in the winter), I settled on traveling through the southern German countryside! There are a TON of private art collections in the southern section of Germany so I knew it would be a great place to visit and there would be plenty to do! I was worried the weather wouldn’t be nice but Stuttgart was actually incredibly beautiful with clear sunny skies during the last week of October…

Here’s a cute café I found upon arrival:

Café Bohème Stuttgart

Café Bohème Stuttgart

Café Bohème
Calwer Str. 56, 70173
Stuttgart, Germany

The views from my Airbnb rental:



And finally, a pretty motion shot of my train to Stuttgart, showing all the pretty fall colors of autumn in Germany!

Train to Stuttgart

Stay tuned for more from Germany!

October 28, 2015

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