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Coutume Café is a special place for me, because it’s the first business I ate at following the tragic attacks on Paris on November 13. I had started my Saturday by walking to Shakespeare and Co to get a coffee, only to discover it was closed. Several visitors were disappointed to reach a sign that said something like: Because of the tragic events of last night, we will be closed for the day. So I continued walking, just trying to take in as much of the city on that grey day as I could. Eventually I came upon Coutume Café, which thankfully was open and quite bustling!

This is a great place known for its coffee – so feel free to drop by if you just want some caffeine. They also have a full food menu so I sat down to refuel with some Eggs Benedict and orange juice:

Coutume Café Paris

Coutume Cafe

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Coutume Café for opening the day after the attacks. While so many establishments opted to close for the day, I am grateful that I was able to eat a warm delicious meal (as I didn’t have too many groceries in my apartment!) despite the shocking events of the previous evening. I tweeted them thank you that day and received an uplifting response back:

@victoria_ptrsn: I’m so thankful restaurants like @COUTUME_CAFE opened their doors today. Thank you for your opening! It’s very kind despite the current events.

@coutume_cafe: We are open tomorrow as well, as we do not surrender to terror. We leave open the social bond that is coffee.

Coutume Café
47 Rue de Babylone
75007 Paris, France

November 17, 2015

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