Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

I got up early on Thursday to have a latte at the Café Kistuné located on one side of the Palais Royal park in central Paris. You won’t find the full Maison Kitsuné clothing selection here, but you can purchase some of the signature tote bags (50 euros later) along with your daily caffeine. The coffee was quite delicious and although it’s quite a walk from the main roads, the park inside is worth the short trek! The interior of this shop is quite small, but they have plenty of outdoor seating where you can enjoy a great view of the park over sleek black branded tables.

Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

Cafe Kitsune au Palais Royal
Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

Café Kitsuné Paris Photo

Café Kitsuné au Palais Royal

Off to Paris Photo I go!

Café Kitsuné
51 Galerie de Montpensier
75001 Paris, France

November 17, 2015
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