{bonne adresse} Café Frischhut Schmalznudel

Schmalznudel! Where do I begin? This is the one thing you absolutely MUST eat while in Munich. There is no excuse. It’s both cheap, centrally located, and you can even get it to-go! I can’t quite tell you what a Schmazlnudel is exactly but I can say that it tastes absolutely delicious. It’s similar to fried dough, and with sugar, it’s even better.

The best place to get this lovely snack is the Café Frischhut. This place has quite a limited menu because they are known for their Schmalznudel. Go early because this place can get very packed. I saw a line out the door once in the afternoon. In my opinion, it’s best to go in the morning because this isn’t really a lunch or dinner place. You can certainly go in the afternoon too, but be prepared to wait for a table or in line, as many of the locals like to lounge over their coffee and Schmalznudels here!

Cafe Frischhut Schmalznudel Entrance

Cafe Frischhut Schmalznudel Bakery Window

Cafe Frischhut Schmalznudel Interior

Cafe Frischhut Schmalznudel Menu



Cafe Frischhut Schmalznudel
Prälat-Zistl-Straße 8, 80331 München, Germany
Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm, closed Sunday

October 31, 2015

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