The Most Beautiful Plaza in Lyon | Place des Jacobins

With as often as I travel, you’d think I’d have really solid travel planning skills by now. I’m not going to lie, I’m certainly better than your average person at planning trips (especially in France!), but I will say sometimes I make things, um… unnecessarily complicated.

As Americans, we really got the short end of the stick when it comes to traveling to Europe. We’re forced to take overnight flights and then we’re completely exhausted the next day.

Several times now I’ve had to plan trips to some place that is not a major city, meaning I have to fly in to the capital or a larger city and then take a train or connecting flight somewhere else. Every time I tell myself “I’ll suck it up” even though I know I’ll be totally exhausted and should probably just stay a night in the arrival city!

Menton was no different. Instead of just staying a few days in Paris, I decided to stop over in Lyon for three days and see if I could squeeze in an extra city on my way to the south of France.

Despite my fatigue, I’m so glad I went to Lyon, which is an absolutely gorgeous major city in the south east of France.

I came across Place des Jacobins and had to share my photos with you all. A lovely neoclassical sculpture fountain sits in the center of this gorgeous plaza, surrounded by typical French 19th century buildings.


Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Place des Jacobins, Lyon, France

Okay I’m sneaking in one extra photo of the gorgeous Lyon architecture. I can’t help it! I’m so in love with those façades…

Gorgeous Architecture Lyon, France

October 29, 2017

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