7 Places Architecture Lovers Must Visit in Berlin

One of the things I love about Berlin is that many of the buildings are either hundreds of years old, or ultra modern. Below you’ll find one photograph in particular that for me sums up the beauty of architecture in Berlin: a minimalist black apartment building sharing a wall with an abandoned, deteriorating, graffiti’ed squatter house. In New York you have these juxtapositions as well (such as when the Caledonia was built down the street from the projects), but not quite to this level! It’s lovely that (for the most part) everyone seems to be living harmoniously.

Here is a round up of seven must-visit places to see the best architecture in Berlin!

1. Berlin Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlin Deutsches Historisches Museum

Berlin Deutsches Historisches Museum

2. Mitte

The neighborhood is teeming with the latest in modern architecture.

Berlin Modern Architecture

Berlin Architecture

Berlin Architecture Mitte Juxtaposition

Berlin Modern Architecture

Berlin Architecture in Mitte

Berlin Architecture in Mitte

3. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Modern Architecture

4. Berlin Humboldt University

Berlin Humboldt University

5. Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

6. The Spree River

Berlin Spree River

7. Boros Collection

Sammlung Boros Bunker

Where is your favorite architecture in Berlin?

September 29, 2015

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