Another Two Months in Paris

Hey guys! I recently flew back to Paris (well, at the end of May) for another two month jaunt, and am just getting around to sorting through all my photos from the trip! I’m still here for another two weeks focusing on some personal projects, but I’ve discovered some real gems during this trip.

Here’s a few shots from my time so far. This city never ceases to inspire me! I know it may be cliché to say it but it’s honestly the truth! I won’t say that every part of Paris is bursting with beauty, but there are certainly an abundance of pretty corners waiting to be shot!

Repairs are underway at the Notre Dame of Paris, thankfully! I remember how the fire gripped the world. I really thought the entire structure was burning to the ground, but thankfully only the back roof has been damaged (from what I can tell).

Repairs underway on the Notre Dame in Paris, May 2019

Wandering through the 5th, you’ll find so many cute streets like this one:

A cute street in the 5th arrondissement of Paris

Bibliotheque ideal Librairie in Paris 5th

I love passing by this pretty pink apartment building in Paris:

The cute pink apartment building in Paris

Lastly, golden hour in Paris is simply magique:

Golden hour from my balcony in Paris

I know I share a lot of tips on this blog, so I hope you don’t mind the small interruption for a personal update with some pretty photos. Stay tuned for more of the usual updates from Paris on what to do and where to eat!

July 06, 2019

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